Due to CMCO all delivery must collect it from the main entrance or guard house, instead of asking the delivery person to go to your unit.

FRUIT FACTOR- FRUIT DELIVERY (Selected Klang Valley area).

Fruits Factor is a Fruits Selling, Delivery and Fruits Hamper Design company. We decided to create Fruits Factor to have a team fully concentrates on bringing good product & service to our customers.

Our Passion is to make High Quality and generous Fruit for delivery to our client in selected Klang Valley area. It takes time and involves your trust that the product that's delivered is exactly what you purchased.

Our aim is to encourage people to eat fruits as it is considered low consumption of fruits among our local community. That’s why we are here to promote any kind of fruit flavoured product.

You also can play a part by spending one minute browsing our incredible selection of fruit products and select one that will bring a smile to your recipients' faces to encourage them to stay healthy by taking more fruits.

Our Team has the experience in Hamper Packaging as well as Fruits hamper packaging design where focus is to create generous, better and value added products.

If you are in fruits related business such as supplying dry fruits, fruit flavoured product etc, feel free to connect us to explore potential business affiliation opportunity.


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